Natural Magic

Natural Magic is mechanically very different from traditional D&D magic. There are no defined spells – the player decides on what the spell will ultimately do and how they are going to accomplish it. Using a list of base elements and effects, the player and DM quickly come up with a Power cost for the spell, determine if the character can harness the necessary forces, and what may happen if the character pulls too much.

Defined Effects – Each Natural Magic spell is made up from one or more defined effects, meta-effects, or elements. Each piece of the spell adds to the Power cost of the spell.

Power Pool – Each Natural Magic caster has a Power Pool to pull from. This pool defines the maximum amount of Power the caster can pull into any given spell at any given moment. It also defines how much power can be accessed before a character must rest.

Control – A part of casting a Natural Magic spell is making a Control Roll. This will determine if the caster can properly pull together the energies required to cast the desired spell.

Overcharging – Sometimes a caster must pull on more energy and power than they have the capability or reserves to handle. Such a caster risks losing the ability to cast spells or even outright death.

Natural Magic

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