The world of the Fablelands is filled with magic and wonder. Many of its inhabitants can utilize the forces of magic in some form or another. Several different types of magic exist:

Arcane Magic: The Magic of the high wizards and learned scholars. Rigid, ritualistic, and formalized, this type of Magic is also one of the safest. The Wizards of the Towers have perfected the arts of the Arcane through the ages, channeling exacting ways of interacting with the forces of Magic into an almost predictable “science”.

Divine Magic: The Magics of the Gods and Planar Powers. Through their faith and devotion, clerics and other casters of Divine Magic can project the power and will of the Gods they serve into the world, assuming that their hearts and will are true.

Natural Magic: Through Natural Magics, casters can harness the raw, unfettered powers of the world to create wondrous effects, but at a potential cost to themselves. While Natural casters can apply Magic to an infinite possibilities, they risk losing control of these energies or drawing in too much, potentially burning themselves out of even the ability to touch any Magical force ever again.

Runic Magic: Through powerful symbols that collect and coalesce Magical Will, Runic magic allows casters to imbue symbols and objects with Magical power. By drawing a sigil in the air and carving a word into a block of wood or stone, Runic casters can take charge of Magical forces and direct and store them for later use.

The following classes make use of one of more types of Magic:

Class Primary Magic Secondary Magic
Bard Runic Arcane
Cleric Divine
Druid Natural*
Fighter (Eldritch Knight) Runic
Ranger Natural*
Paladin Divine
Rogue (Arcane Trickster) Arcane
Sorcerer Natural
Warlock Arcane
Wizard Arcane Natural
* Indicates that only limited effects are available

Rules for Magic Types

- Divine Magic
- Arcane Magic
- Natural Magic
- Runic Magic


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