In our own history, many cultures have come and gone. Some have left a lasting memory through stories and objects. Others have simply faded or melded into more powerful or advanced societies. But what if they really didn’t disappear, but passed into another world altogether – a world that resembled their various mythologies? In the Fablelands, the races of Men are recent invaders. The Fablelands are close to the realm of the Feywild, populated by all manner of magical creatures, fantastical environments, and strange beings.

But Men are not the only invaders. The borders between the Fablelands and the realm of Shadow has been breaking down. The Fablelands have always had points of transition between it and the Shadowfell. But now, whole areas of the world have merged with the Shadowfell, with no distinction able to be made between the “real” and Shadow selves. Twisted and evil monsters now roam the Fablelands, corrupting the land and spreading darkness.

The Fablelands